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Blue Room Cave; possibly the most magical place on the island of Curaçao. This underwater cave houses a diversity of sea life ranging from schools of fishes and a variety of corals. They are illuminated by the sun which can only find its way in from under the water,causing the cave to appear blue.


The beach that leads to the tugboat wreck is probably the least impressive of the list, but don’t judge a book by its cover, it is definitely worth the visit. The tugboat is probably one of the richest diving sites. The boat itself is covered in coral and a lot of fishes have made it their home.

Santu Pretu

The ‘Catharina’ shipwreck is a sight to behold. Just off the coast of Santu Pretu (black sand) you can find one of Curaçao’s wonders. Just like it does with everything else, the sea has taken this wreck and turned it into a beautiful site where everyone can come and enjoy nature.


How many people can say that they have spotted turtles while sitting in Neptune’s lap? You can be one of them! Playa Piskado has an underwater statue of King Neptune which makes for a beautiful photo backdrop.


The Saba shipwreck near the Sea Aquarium; a boat that has been deployed as an artificial reef.  It is covered in corals and houses a variety of marine life. The Saba is in less than 30 feet (around 9 meters) water and is perfect for those who can’t hold their breaths for too long. Come  discover this breathtaking location with us!

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