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SeaBob with Myronchi Trip!

Join us and explore the beutifull underwater world of curacao.

Myronchi Trip - Baitball

Have you ever seen a "Bait ball"? Myronchi Trip offers this great experience to you!

Csshristoffel Mountain

The Christoffelmountain: 375 meters of altitude. if you love nature it is the perfect destinatiojn to come spot some of Curacao's wildlife (butterflies, birds, and even deer!). Challange yourself to get to the top with Myronchitrip, we promise that the view will be worth your time!

Blue Room Cave

Blue Room Cave; possibly the most magical place on the Island of Curacao. This underwater cave houses a diversity of sea life ranging from schools of fishes and a variety of corals. They are illuminated by the sun which can only find its way in under the water, causing the cave to appear blue. If you ever find yourself on the Island or planning to go on vacation it is definitely worth a visit with Myronchitrip!

Myronchi Trip - Airplane wreck

Airplane wrecks are not usually easily accessible from the shore. On the island of Curaçao you can take a short swim to this Cessna airplane wreck and admire all the sponges and corals that have transformed this wreck into a lifeline for the fishes. Piloting a plane full of fish while being fully submerged under water? Only in Curaçao.

Myronchi Trip - The Saba Shipwreck

Saba Ship Wreck or Tugboat Saba is a tugboat that is interesting for both divers and snorkelers. The wreck lies at a depth of only 12 meters and is completely covered with vegetation. The wheelhouse has become detached over the years and now lies next to the wreck. Not only the Saba but the entire reef is beautifully overgrown with sponges and corals. Moray eels, surgeonfish, glassfish and parrotfish are permanent residents.

Myronchi Trip - Sunset Trip

Experience a Beutifull sunset/snorkel trip and visit the tugboat shipwrek

Klein Curacao - Myronchi Trip

we held a great day at this uninhabited island called "Klein Curacao"!

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